Christmas & London

IMG-2062London is one of the most beautiful and exciting cities during Christmas. The whole city lights up, all windows get framed with spruce branches and Christmas trees are all around lit in fairy lights. And what’s best? Harrods windows are filled with festive Dolce & Gabbana displays, Ralph Lauren store has such a strong Christmas aroma that you get high from stepping in and Starbucks offers Gingerbread latte. On top of it, the Christmas parties!

For the brave there is Winter Wonderland and Christmas markets on every corner.

And our brand brings you specials in Wine Leather!

The Lady. May Bee and Rosa Beetle all in Wine

Have you got yours already?


Merry Christmas
from Mirjam with Love





City break guide to Barcelona

The city of moving hips


As it is difficult to say goodbye to the summer we decided to delay the winter a little with a visit to Barcelona. From tapas to sangria to the warm sea (and in our case also Catalonia’s independence demonstration) it was a just what the doctor ordered before starting to embrace… well… Christmas.
And for a cherry on top of a cake, we were lucky to have a local host and a tour guide with some true Spanish family dinners!

1. Park Güell – Make sure to put on your walking shoes and a romantic mindset, as this is a place to hike, enjoy the view, the architecture (Gaudi of course) and hear some sexy tunes from street musicians.

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2. Mandatory tourist attraction – Gaudi house tour – Palau Güell
A chance to take a tour in the shoes of the Spanish elite, discovering architecture so absurd that even the chairs serve two purposes – being a chair and a stair railing.

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3. For art lovers, a Palau Nacional visit is a must – it is one of the most beautifully curated museums I have ever seen, with extreme attention to detail. Not to mention the location of the Palace and the view over Barcelona.

4. As many people rave about La Xampanyeriain that is located near the harbour (for Cava and tapas), when we arrived there on Saturday afternoon, it was so packed that we couldn’t even get in from the door. So we decided to ditch the following-the-crowd-idea and ended up around the corner at Perikete, which on the contrary was filled with locals, had plenty of space on the open front(or just exactly that one table for us) and served a litre of sangria for 6 euros. What a dream!


Then some city centre must-do’s:

5. Mercado de La Boqueria Gothic Quarter

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7. Veggie garden – vegan restaurant
Weirdly, I am one of these people who had never been to a fully vegan restaurant. So we gave it a go on our holiday. My thoughts? When in Barcelona, don’t go vegan…

8. Beach – as the Catalonia’s independence demonstrations took over the city centre we decided to escape to a beach further away from central – Badalona beach. Which we finished with an authentic paella in a local restaurant El Rebost for our last evening. Yumm

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The wonders of seaside in Stockholm

So before making this big little change and starting a …
full time job

I visited the beautiful Sweden to take some time off, visit some good people and enjoy the seaside.

But the bugs & animals collection will carry on developing and offering new exciting options! I even found the very real inspiration wondering around on my trip …

There is just something different about the sea

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A certain sign of insanity

There is nothing that is more certain sign of insanity than to do the same thing over and over and to expect the results to be different

Life is full of tricks, you might make plans but life then laughs at you and throughs different opportunities on your way. Sometimes it is people who inspire you to change your plans, sometimes it is opportunities that make you make new plans.

Luckily, we have these people around who always remind us not to forget to have fun! So we went around town wearing the Bugs and Animals Bracelet Collection, ate some yummy food and took some funky photos! You can never get bored of London.

Jaanipäev – the Estonian Midsummer Celebration

What gives us a sense of freedom? Sometimes, it is escaping to the beautiful wilderness for 4 days. Living in a busy and exciting city like London, sometimes you have to remind yourself how easy it is to have a good time with no blows and whistles, no selection of millions of restaurants, bars, clubs and galleries, and just with a good group of people in a poetic scenery, sauna and grill, lakeside, old traditional living and camping.

When usually people would chase the sun for the summer, in Estonia people make a big bonfire to keep them warm during the lightest night of the year. As I’ve missed that a few years, this year I decided to take a proper entourage trip to the countrysides of Estonia, every night staying in a different cottage house of someone’s, seeing the sunset when the sun did not quite go down at all…


We also took the Blue Beetle on a wonder with us at the lakeside! So suitable for a weekend at the countryside!


And may I just praise here the all around braid hairstyle, that gets you through this festive celebration! Secondly, a funky pair of earrings. Thirdly, a cashmere sweater, all white and much loved Diane Von Furstenberg, who makes the most comfortable silk maxi summer dresses!

A traditional Estonian Cottage kitchen – lots of pots and pans, colours and a wood oven.



Bugs Bracelets x BJT Teele

Exciting news on the plate – from this week a selection of the handmade Bugs Collection bracelets are available at the new super cool Estonian design store Teele located in the new trendy Balti Jaama Turg (Balti Jaama Market). With a crisp selection of unique interior pieces, clothing and jewellery it is one of these must-visit shops for design lovers.

Extremely excited to be part of this! You can find a selection of different bugs, animals and colours available there!

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