2018 New Year New Me

First, I want to thank everyone who have supported the kick-off of my brand last year! You are amazing!

I don’t usually make many New Year resolutions but I did write on one of those random “write your New Year resolution” boards on the wall “start my own business”. But then I realised that wait – I already did that in 2017! So now it’s time to grow.

Few things I learned in 2017…

  • everything is about what you focus on and what you focus on is always your own choice
  • when you have a lot of time on your hands – read books books and books and more books
  • don’t punish new people in your life for your own past negative experiences
  • 5 pounds earned from your own dreams is worth million times more than 1000 pounds earned by working for someone else’s dreams
  • with clear goals you most likely achieve something
  • walking really is the best transport
  • walking passed Harrods every day might really raise your life-satisfaction by 1%
  • you must keep on dreaming big, always be on a chase of wonder

Finally in the first days of the year I had time to wonder around the streets of Tallinn before returning to London. And as there is nothing like a full red outfit I decided to spice up a cafe-chase with exactly this – lots of red – wearing the May Bee bracelet as a finishing touch. Also, I discovered that the best marzipan pastries in the world are made at the “feel-like-your-in-Denmark” RØST Bakery on a brand new street in town, Stalkers pass!

Wishing everyone a successful 2018! What are your goals this year?IMG_3096.jpgIMG_3051.jpgIMG_3089.jpgIMG_3094.jpgIMG_3076.jpg


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