Jaanipäev – the Estonian Midsummer Celebration

What gives us a sense of freedom? Sometimes, it is escaping to the beautiful wilderness for 4 days. Living in a busy and exciting city like London, sometimes you have to remind yourself how easy it is to have a good time with no blows and whistles, no selection of millions of restaurants, bars, clubs and galleries, and just with a good group of people in a poetic scenery, sauna and grill, lakeside, old traditional living and camping.

When usually people would chase the sun for the summer, in Estonia people make a big bonfire to keep them warm during the lightest night of the year. As I’ve missed that a few years, this year I decided to take a proper entourage trip to the countrysides of Estonia, every night staying in a different cottage house of someone’s, seeing the sunset when the sun did not quite go down at all…


We also took the Blue Beetle on a wonder with us at the lakeside! So suitable for a weekend at the countryside!


And may I just praise here the all around braid hairstyle, that gets you through this festive celebration! Secondly, a funky pair of earrings. Thirdly, a cashmere sweater, all white and much loved Diane Von Furstenberg, who makes the most comfortable silk maxi summer dresses!

A traditional Estonian Cottage kitchen – lots of pots and pans, colours and a wood oven.




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