Arabian nights theme party

When the wonderful Balam had her birthday party we all travelled to this mysterious Arabian castle full of colours inspired by One Thousand and One Nights.

So here is what to wear to an Arabian nights themed costume party. Bit of glitter, emerald and smoking golden eyes.

With some pearls and bling I created the headpiece from different pieces of jewellery I had in my jewellery box.



Aleksandr Vassiljevi

Chasing the most beautiful spots nearby Tallinn we went on a trip to Schloss Fall, the most picturesque historic Neo-Gothic Estonian knight-manor in Keila-Joa.
As creating wedding dresses is part of my summer this year, the current exhibition was right on point. You can discover there centuries of wedding dresses from the personal collection of Aleksandr Vassiljevi for inspiration – from late 1800’s to 2000’s, from Europe to USA.

The castle is located right by the Keila fall, which makes the grounds even more beautiful.

I was wearing a white Mirjam Kristian minidress, finished with pearl embellishments, honouring the wedding dress season.


Cheeky roses in London

When naughty meets the girl.

A collaboration shoot with some great talents in London.
Styling by me, featuring some of the Mirjam Kristian collection bracelets.

Ashley wearing Mirjam Kristian Kiss&Tell and Rosa Beetle in Smoke bracelets.

Featuring the Kiss&Tell and Rosa Beetle in Wine bracelets

Styling by me IG @mirjamkristian
Model @ashley_graves from MiLK Model Management
Photographer @jfaulkner_photo
Mua @bethanjefferiesmua
Special thanks to Kriss Soonik!

The powerful and sexy

Inspired by the strong sexy women, earlier this spring I was styling a photoshoot with some great people in London. You can find some pieces of my collections featured within!

First – the beautiful Balam wore Mirjam Kristian feather the Mirjam Kristian marine suede jacket from AW15

Featuring the Mirjam Kristian Black Crab

Styling by me IG @mirjamkristian
Model @balamofficial
Photographer @jfaulkner_photo
Mua @nora.othofer

London & Love

With Valentine’s Day approaching in a few days it is only relevant to talk about the big L. London. People believe that London is a dating city and the city is not missing out on that. Red roses on tables and pink bubbly offered without asking is most likely what you will find, when going out that day.
We’ve decided to spice up our collection with a Kiss & Tell bracelet to celebrate hopeless romantics. As always – crafter in leather and covered in sparkly stones. So treat yourself or your loved one to that little luxurious piece of a kiss, available on our Instagram in Red and Pink leather.

Red nails, red lips you sure will have yourself a cheeky Valentine’s date.

And who are we kidding – kisses do not belong only to February but to every single month of the year!

Balam wearing Mirjam Kristian dress and the Kiss & Tell bracelet.




2018 New Year New Me

First, I want to thank everyone who have supported the kick-off of my brand last year! You are amazing!

I don’t usually make many New Year resolutions but I did write on one of those random “write your New Year resolution” boards on the wall “start my own business”. But then I realised that wait – I already did that in 2017! So now it’s time to grow.

Few things I learned in 2017…

  • everything is about what you focus on and what you focus on is always your own choice
  • when you have a lot of time on your hands – read books books and books and more books
  • don’t punish new people in your life for your own past negative experiences
  • 5 pounds earned from your own dreams is worth million times more than 1000 pounds earned by working for someone else’s dreams
  • with clear goals you most likely achieve something
  • walking really is the best transport
  • walking passed Harrods every day might really raise your life-satisfaction by 1%
  • you must keep on dreaming big, always be on a chase of wonder

Finally in the first days of the year I had time to wonder around the streets of Tallinn before returning to London. And as there is nothing like a full red outfit I decided to spice up a cafe-chase with exactly this – lots of red – wearing the May Bee bracelet as a finishing touch. Also, I discovered that the best marzipan pastries in the world are made at the “feel-like-your-in-Denmark” RØST Bakery on a brand new street in town, Stalkers pass!

Wishing everyone a successful 2018! What are your goals this year?IMG_3096.jpgIMG_3051.jpgIMG_3089.jpgIMG_3094.jpgIMG_3076.jpg